Our traditional kitchen range will bring elegance to any home. If you are looking to set a classic feel to the heart of your home then look no further.

Think chilai, think versatile.
At Chilai we have a large selection of highly selected designs and finishes to choose from. We can adapt and tailor your kitchen to suit all of your needs.

Our different ranges provide country style, wood finish, colourful painted doors, oak, timber and so much more. Visiting our show room will give you the chance to work closely with our professional team who will help you find the perfect kitchen to suit your home and budget.

At Chilai we incorporate modern practicality to all our traditional Kitchens with features such as smart storage and soft closings on all doors for your complete satisfaction.

Our Off the shelf range is provided to give you the chance to actively browse and choose different components for your kitchen. E.G doors, knobs and handles

You can browse our showroom where we will have everything at your

At Chilai we want to provide the perfect traditional kitchen. with a team who will help you to combine your desires and needs into one. Once we have finalised the design our team will have your kitchen delivered and installed within 3-5 working days.

If you are looking for something unique our Bespoke kitchen range is where we can make your dream kitchen come to life. At chilli anything is possible. Book a free design and consultation with our designers and we will do everything to give you the timeless traditional kitchen you are looking for.