At Chilai Kitchens we offer three main styles of kitchen: Modern, Traditional and Shaker, to suit your needs and wants. Our kitchens are high quality made with premium materials and are Italian painted to give you the best quality of kitchen and a feeling of something unique and special, as all our kitchens are handmade and prepared.

WhatAre Modern Kitchens

Modern kitchens uniqueness comes for the ever-changing design environment that correlates with the advancement of technology. Most contemporary kitchens are characterised by having handleless cabinets and a quartz or other stones worktop with stainless steel appliances, the colour scheme is you’re for the choosing with usually a gloss finish for the cabinet that ensure it’s easy to clean. You can however, a complete Matt kitchen if you wish, which with brushed stainless-steel appliances with develop a nice flow of texture in the kitchen.

Modern kitchens are designed by you and therefor reflect your personality. Kitchen designs can vary and with so many options you’re able to mix and match what you like from different styles and designs for your kitchen. For instance, a single- or two-tone minimalist kitchen to a textured modern kitchen with a variety of wood, stone and glass. Something that is unfortunately overlooked is the storage compartment, the fully integrated appliances and sliding cabinet shelves.

We will assist you throughout the design process to ensure not only you are achieving a modern look but also making most of the modern technology in appliances and integrated compartments for an outstanding modern kitchen inside out.

We can offer a bespoke range depending on any visual or design you may have in mind for your modern kitchen or choose from our standard / off the shelf range of modern doors and finishes to complete the look you are aiming for.

Below are a few images of modern kitchens we have offered to our valued customers:

Different Styles of Modern Kitchens

To the left we have one of many designs of a modern kitchen. This kitchen features a slightly different style, suiting matte light grey cabinets with a dark wood countertop in conjunction to white utensils and lighter appliances. Most of the time, modern style kitchens are made to blend in with the surrounding, allowing it to look flush with the walls and floor, as well as matching the colour scheme, to make the kitchen look much more spacious and less distracting allowing for people such as businessmen/women to focus on their task.

Modern kitchens usually also feature a big window or many windows to make the kitchen feel much more natural with the light from the sun creating a soft, pleasing gradient across the cabinets and appliances that also looks very attractive and calming.

In this kitchen, you can see a slightly different theme, with glossy white cabinets and countertop. In such colour scheme, most commonly black appliances are used, to contrast the white surrounding, making the kitchen look plain but very appealing. A design like this could be preferred by people who enjoy having their things laid out neatly without any fuss, which such design is able to provide, as there isn’t a lot going and the kitchen looks very simple, but the looks may deceive, as the kitchen is still very functional, storing many appliances and features within the cabinets.



We have in store many modern style kitchens to choose from, that should suite your needs and feelings of what a kitchen should.
If, however you don’t like any of the in store ready to purchase kitchens, we are able to make you’re very own bespoke modern kitchen, allowing you to personalize the kitchen to your heart’s desires, without any limits.

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