We have a high variety of handles ranging from – modern handles to the common traditional handles – so you can bring the elegant and sleek finishes into your home. Select from a wide range of materials including brass, stainless steel and whole variety of materials and finishes. Or choose to go for the handless option, giving your doors a more contemporary and sleek finish. In addition, we provide a variety of bespoke services for your luxury kitchen. Custom made bar handles to suit your needs for every door. Kitchen handles are rather unique enabling the entire kitchen to become the centre of attention. By having a stone worktop this could be juxtaposed by our warm and modern kitchen handles such as our wooden/ luxury handles on our coloured units.


Hinges are sometimes an overlooked aspect of kitchens, needing to be strong enough to endure repeated and regular use and withstand the test of time. From standard to soft closure and even hinges with different opening angles we will install the most convenient and well-designed mechanisms into your kitchen. Concealed behind the doors to perfect your alignment, giving your wall and base cabinets a symmetrical and smooth finish.
By adding our hinges to your doors enables a smooth and silent end to your kitchen day! Most importantly, our silent hinges provide a childproof home.

Gemran/Australian Engineering

With experience in manufacturing superior hinges and mechanism such as pull out baskets and drawer runners we only recommend and supply you with the best in German or Austrian engineering. We install hinges and mechanisms into your kitchen provided by reliable and reputable brands such as Hettich, Haffele and Blum.