Siemens where Technology meets design. At Chilai we use SIEMENS appliances to make your time in the kitchen into a pleasurable and functional experience. We have chosen to collaborate with SIEMENS appliances for the confidence that our customers will get the most out of the smart and stylish SIEMENS appliances.

At Chilai you will be sure to find a range that will cater to your personalised needs. With us you can select from free standing to built-in cookers. You can browse from horizontal built in ovens to double ovens or even the award-winning sous vide functionality. At Chilai we will help you to discover which styles and designs best suits your kitchen, budget and practicality. At Chilai we believe in quality and versatility. That is why we provide our customers with the most reputable kitchen appliances such as SIEMENS, BOSCH and much more.

Transform your cuisine with SIEMENS innovations, bringing the future to your home in ways you could not imagine. Our large selection of SIEMENS refrigerators offers you a variety of options for your home. Refrigerators from built-in to free-standing are waiting to be trailed. Our experts at CHILAI are here to help you discover and design the perfect kitchen for your full comfort and technicality.


Transform your cuisine with SIEMENS innovations where you will be bringing the future to your home in ways you would not imagine. Advanced technology can be incorporated to your fridge with built in cameras to give you the chance to check for grocery essentials without being at home.

With SIEMENS laundry care you are sure to find the perfect appliance, such as free-standing washing machines for greater flexibility in your kitchen.
From The slim-line dishwashers to the ice-making freezers. To the integration of coffee machines to your cabinets. At CHILAI we give you never ending options. Limiting you to nothing. You are sure to match the perfect SIEMENS appliances for your kitchen.

Allow our Kitchen experts at Chilai help you to find and design your perfect kitchen by browsing across the best appliances. Call today!


If you are looking for kitchen appliances to inspire and unleash your creativity, then look no further. With NEFF we can help you to design the perfect kitchen for sustainability where cooking becomes a passion.

At Chilai our experts will help you select the perfect NEFF hob for your kitchen. Introducing the NEFF Twist pad giving you the power to control your cooking with this sensory hood which illuminates to your touch.

With years of experience and research NEFF have created advanced appliances for your comfort in your kitchen. Introducing the Slide and hide. The disappearing oven door. No more bending and bringing you closer to cooking.

NEFF have merged smart technology to their appliances giving you the chance to connect to your kitchen from anywhere with Home connect.
With the countless smart appliances at NEFF. We propose to you the smart refrigerators. Designed to give you a way to pre-set your fridge and have it order any groceries running low. Or why not opt for the option to Pre-heat your smart oven away from home.

At Chilai our team will be here to help you select the most utile smart appliance for you. Whether it may be to voice command your coffee machine in the morning. Or to integrate a heated drawer into your oven to help to keep your food warm. At Chilai we will help you to choose the best and most practical functions for your kitchen.

For more information get in touch via email, phone or visit our showroom. We will have experts at Chilai working to give you the perfect kitchen of your dreams.


BOSCH think quality, technical perfection, and absolute reliability. Yesterday, today and in the future. The foundation on which Bosch run their high-quality appliances. From the large kitchen appliances to the small they all have the iconic and foundations sleek design that we all know and love.
At Chilai all of our Bosch appliances are available for you to choose from. from built-in ovens and microwaves to compact ovens suited to perfectly fit into the smallest of kitchens.

BOSCH have designed hobs with built integrated ventilation module.

With much research and development, BOSCH has further created the domino hob. A bespoke hob that allows you to use your own inspiration. With a mix and match of various hobs available for you to choose from.

Our BOSCH selection of appliances can offer you the gorgeous freestanding fridge from monochrome black to a wide selection of colours to centerpiece your kitchen. Or you can select the American style fridge and freezer for superb size and convenience. American style fridges and freezers, perfect for those of you who will need more space.

For those looking for BOSCH innovation smart technology has been applied throughout its appliances. From quiet washing machines to simple set up and easy to use Home connect with BOSCH you can be sure that the appliances will continuously give you the superior service you expected.

At Chilai we know how stressful choosing a kitchen can be therefore our experts will be here to help you figure out what it is you are looking for. For further information and expert help contact Chilai or visit our showroom. Our experts in kitchens will help you select the perfect appliances for a lifetime of happiness.