Have you ever seen grand kitchen interior design? There are a lot of chances to see kitchen extensions and quickly draw inspiration. Next, you will wonder if you could achieve a kitchen extension and how it may look… Don’t worry, we’ve all been there!

Kitchen extensions are marvelous and jaw dropping when the final product is unveiled and compared to smaller room prior to extension. We don’t blame for having interest in this type of home improvement project and, if you have the capabilities (and budget!), a kitchen extension is something we can’t suggest enough.

However, is your kitchen ready to embrace the space, or would you say you set with the room you need to work with forever? We here at Chilai Kitchens have a few points whether a kitchen extension is necessary for your home…

What is kitchen extension?

A kitchen extension is simply extending the space of your kitchen so you have more space. This could be to add more storage through additional kitchen cabinets, to add more standing or sitting space for socializing, or to incorporate that kitchen island you’ve dreamt for.

Kitchen extensions help breathe new life into a home that you thought was at its most extreme potential, and an incredible way of staying updat5ed with the times – also a growing family! Although they can a few times be a long and strenuous process, they are still a lot of worth considering.

Locking in space?

If space is at premium inside the home, but you have a feeling that you have a little much outside, then a kitchen extension could be a fabulous way to cure this. Is your driveway a little greater than it should be? Or then again do you have a garage that you rarely use and could be better used as a part of your kitchen?

A kitchen extension is the great way of being smart and efficient with space you as you have, whilst adding value to your home.

Does an architect approve?

Because of the scale of the job, it is always recommended to consult an architect, to ensure that your plans are strategically possible. A specialist can guide you through the process with their experience and expertise, so you can be certain that, coming from these discussions, your plans have been given the green light!

Ensure that you take some time about which architect you wish to trust, as any misjudgments here may prove costly. You could either be denied an expansion that is perfectly feasible or realise that your plans won’t work out as anticipated when it’s too late.

Do you have planning permission?