Is Extending Your Kitchen A Good Idea?

Have you ever seen grand kitchen interior design? There are a lot of chances to see kitchen extensions and quickly draw inspiration. Next, you will wonder if you could achieve a kitchen extension and how it may look… Don't worry, we've all been there! Kitchen extensions are marvelous and jaw dropping when the final product [...]

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How To Protect Your Investment In Kitchen Cabinet Doors?

When planning your budget for a kitchen interior design, the Chilai Kitchens recommends allocating around 10-25% of your home's value. It also refers to kitchen cabinetry as the biggest expense, accounting up to 30% of your overall kitchen renovating budget. Thus, there are two interesting points to consider with these costs in mind: 1) Can [...]

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What Are The Best Kitchen Interior Design Ideas That You Will Love?

We come across customers each day who want to improve their kitchen interior design but they are stuck on the design. The thought of ripping out the old kitchen and placing in a new one fills people with dread but the final result definitely makes it worthwhile. At the Chilai Kitchens we love seeing our customers [...]

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Which is the Best Kitchen Interior Design Material?

The best feature you may notice in a kitchen is the countertop. However, when it comes time to select a kitchen countertop, it may require considerations beyond the appearance. There are a lot many factors to consider. But, the solution is "What's the best kitchen interior design material?" really comes down to whichever one best fits [...]

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