When planning your budget for a kitchen interior design, the Chilai Kitchens recommends allocating around 10-25% of your home’s value. It also refers to kitchen cabinetry as the biggest expense, accounting up to 30% of your overall kitchen renovating budget.

Thus, there are two interesting points to consider with these costs in mind:

1) Can the cost of kitchen cabinets be reduced?

Also, since the investment is so substantial for cabinet doors,

2) How can I keep up the like-new appearance of my cabinets and extend their lifetime?

Budget Friendly Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Kitchen cabinet refacing is both an eco-friendly and cost effective solution during which your current kitchen cupboard boxes, or frames, are first reinforced followed by an application of a real wood or maintenance free laminate veener. A Group of professionals at Chilai Kitchens use precise measurements to guarantee your new doors and cabinet fronts meet the high standards with a finished look simply like brand new cabinetry. Refacing, which can be finished not many as 3–5 days after installation starts, can also include upgrades to islands, peninsulas and new cabinets as a major part of your new kitchen interior design. While cabinet refacing may not be appropriate for each kitchen remodeling project, it’s a particularly engaging solution if you’re looking to totally transform your kitchen on a budget. Also, the kitchen refacing cabinet door color and style options are almost limit less!

Keeping Your Cabinet Doors Clean

The best possible maintenance and cleaning of cupboards is important to keeping your kitchen sanitary, as well as like new. Obviously, keeping sharp knives, utensils and abrasive objects from cabinet doors and drawer fronts will help them remain scratch free, preserving their overall surface integrity. Try to avoid inadvent kicks or banging of stools and chairs against lower cabinets. An ordinary wipe-down of cabinets, at regular intervals is the recommendations and this will guarantee that the grease and dust, which normally accumulates doesn’t build up on the laminate or wood surface.

How To Clean Wood Cabinet Doors

Wood cabinets doors and drawers are backed by a warranty and are built from furniture-grade wood. Door styles, finishes, stains and coatings offer you the customised outcome you may have thoroughly unachievable through refacing. Caring for wood cabinetry requires just a blend of two parts water and one part mild dish cleanser. Wiping down cabinets regularly will keep the wood sparkling. Natural wood cleaner can be used periodically to guarantee the wood stays healthy and enduring. No harsh chemical cleaners or scouring cushions should be used as this will harm the surface. A paste of baking soda and water with a paper towel is the best solution for dried-on spills or stains.

Caring For Maintenance-Free Laminate Cabinet Doors

Maintenance free overlay cabinet doors, contrary to popular belief, are regularly more durable and affordable than wooden doors. Also, they are easy but difficult to keep clean! Also, maintenance of home-ownership warranty against peeling, blistering and cracking under typical conditions.

If you select glazed laminate cabinet doors and drawers, they do require some particular considerations, but when properly cared for they offer a durable and ‘worthy’ cabinet refacing solution tool. For standard cleanings, simply use dish soap diluted in warm water. Never use ammonia based cleaners, citrus based cleaners, abrasive cleaning agents, abrasive pads or granulated cleansers on glazed cabinets.

Cleaning Solutions You Can Find at Home

There are three readily available cleansing agents that are safe for most surfaces, with specific exemptions including coated cover surfaces. They are white refined vinegar, lemons or lemon juice and baking soda. Always check the care and support specifications of the cabinetry you end up choosing and once proven.

Regardless of what you’re looking for, the dedicated group of experts at Chilai Kitchens will help you with choosing the best solutions for you and your lifestyle. We think you’ll be surprised at exactly how affordable a stylish new kitchen can be! For more details contact us today to schedule your free consultation, complete with a customized quote for your project.